Closing the Mouth

Closing the mouth

There are two ways of closing the mouth: Gently squeeze the ‘flats’ of the Bridle between thumb and forefinger once or twice. Looking at the mouth you might not notice that there has been any change but the change may be extremely slight and imperceptible, and a slight change can make all of the difference. The only efficient way to find out if this has helped is to return the chanter with reed to the windway and try playing. You must do this repeatedly until you have achieved the desired result. The second way of closing the mouth is by using your thumb nail on the ‘corner’ of the Bridle to carefully push the bridle down towards the thread, usually a movement of no more than 1mm or less is necessary. You can actually make a very slight adjustment by simply moving only one side of the bridle down by 0.5 – 1mm. If this is not enough then push the other side down by the same degree.